The Irish wine market has recently grown in both size and stature. It is now a sophisticated and developed trading place.

Kevin Ecock has worked in this market since 1984. His knowledge of the Irish wine trade is wide reaching.


Kevin's working knowledge of the wine trade from supplier to customer allows him to develop confident solutions for all of his client base. 


Consultations are free of charge.  Every project has a unique dynamic. We tailor solutions. Every result is original.  


Wine Education

Wine Training


Kevin has extensive experience in training and teaching solutions. He developed the Ecock Wine School; trained hotel and restaurant staff; devised commercial wine courses for busy sales teams. 
Kevin is available as a motivator, educator and trainer.    


Retail is more than simple detail. It is also an expensive investment. There is no room for error. Whether you own or plan to develop a new or existing business it is essential that you buy the best possible advice.  


The world is full of good wine. Kevin has travelled extensively through the commercial wine world. He has a keen understanding of how one wine succeeds where another fails. Kevin's clients are both importers and suppliers. Buy wine and buy wine that sells.


Kevin keeps a watching brief on the Irish wine trade. His database is extensive and current. This allows his client base to make informed decisions. Whether you want to know who your competitive set might be, who the key decision makers are or indeed what the Irish will be drinking next year Kevin can deliver the answers.    

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