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All of my courses are suitable for beginners and anyone who wants to learn just a little bit more - and that includes me!

I am a member of the Association of Wine Educators     -     one of only two in Ireland!


I am a licenced lecturer on behalf the Wine Board of Burgundy (BIVB)   -   one of only three in Ireland! 


NEW to the Calendar this year is a Wine Club in Ardclough near where I live in Co. Kildare - The AC Wine Club


Home Wine Nights

In the current economic climate it's not fair to expect wine appreciation courses to fill up as they used to a few years ago. That said, there is still a very strong interest right across Ireland for wine knowledge. It's a thirst that I'm happy to slake!

I'll tailor a wine evening, or indeed a wine course, over one or more evenings for you, your friends, family and even combinations of all the above. This is the best value fun you can have and you'll learn loads about wine

Phone or email me and we can work out a detail that suits you.

My courses spend a lot of time tasting wines. Let's face it, useful wine knowledge is about what's in the bottle and not what's in the books. Everyone learns how to taste, spit and to analyse. This is the fun bit and this is where I learn as much as you do.


Two Hour Wine Courses

In the New Year of 2013 I will run a new format Two Hour Wine Course at the Radisson Blu hotel on Golden Lane in Dublin city centre. These will be innovative and cutting edge where I will introduce the world's major wine grapes and the styles of wine that they make. What a great Christmas present!

Per person 65Euro

Per couple 120Euro

These will initially be sold as a Groupon Deal at quite incredible prices!! There may be spare capacity after the DEAL is closed. I'll just have to wait and see.


Dates and Times

January 11th and 12th     5.00 to 7.00  and  7.30 to 9.30pm

January 18th and 19th     5.00 to 7.00  and  7.30 to 9.30pm

January 25th                    5.00 to 7.00  and  7.30 to 9.30pm





Contact Kevin at : 087 6919191

email:  kevin@kevinecock.ie


Gift Certificates are available.