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Wine Writing

I really like to write. Over the years I have been fortunate. I have been asked to write for a wide variety of magazines. This is a selection of the titles I am working with and a few that I have worked with in the past. 

 is Ireland's leadiing food and recipe web site. It's a joy to work with.  


I write wine reviews, wine book reviews and record video blogs of wine tastings.


Along the way I learn a lot about food and this helps me to make better food and wine matches.


Wine Ireland

When Wine Ireland began I asked if I could help out. The editor at the time, Jacinta Delahaye, asked me if I could set a Wine Crossword. No problem I said. It was harder than I imagined it would be!


I wrote the Wine Crossword for every issue of Wine Ireland for the full five years that it was in print. As far as I am aware it was the biggest and most long lived of its type.  
I also wrote a column titled, 'A-Z of the Wine World'. If anyone comes across the final episode in that A-Z can they please promise not to read it aloud! It really is a bizarre piece of imagination.

Easy Food Magazine Summer Cover 2007        EasyFood

EasyFood is run by a great bunch of people. As time goes on I have found that its readership is equally charming!

I began my EasyFood column in 2005 after a stint doing an EasyFood live phone-in on Anna Livia Radio.

EasyFood allows me to review wines, beers and spirits on a monthly basis. I like to write a small personal piece on each product. I hope this gives my readers an opportunity to get a 'feel' for the product even if they never purchase it. Let's face it, it's often more useful to work out what we won't like as much as it is to to be told what we do!

EasyFood is a happy magazine.  I hope my contribution helps it to remain so.   


Wealth was published for the first time in 2007. Dr. Clare McAndrew was my editor.  Clare was my editor at The Investor.


Wealth was part of the Business and Finance stable of titles. Both wealth in Ireland and Wealth magazine ceased to exist at the same time!!


My column told the 'big story' from whole regions. While it lasted it was a great outlet for me to get stuck into a long column.

Wealth was taken out of production in January 2008. Business & Finance decided to publish it as a supplement to the main magazine and retitled it Wealth Management. It appeared for the first time in March 2008.
My column in the new magazine tracked investment wines and commented on the wine trade with the business community in mind.
My first contribution bridged the gap beween Wealth and Wealth Management quite nicely as it dealt with a forward looking French wine trade.







Checkout reports on the Irish retail trade. While it doesn't go down the route of reviewing wines it takes great pride in the quality of its reports on the drinks trade in Ireland.

So what do I do if I can't review wines?? I report on how the trade operates and look for angles within the trade that are under reported or never reported.

To date I have looked at subjects as diverse as Wine Franchises, Online Wine Retailing and Bonded Warehousing in the Irish wine trade.

In addition I write wine maker interviews and country of origin analyses.


These are super columns for a great magazine





The Investor

When I wrote for The Investor I tried hard to avoid telling people how to spend their money! I take the view that a good all round wine education is better than any amount of advice as to which names and labels are worth buying. So I wrote all around the world of wine and left the labels' advice for others to graze in. After all how often can you say, 'Get the best possible advice before buying', and 'Buy the best possible first and possibly the best next'!?

Columns included Celebrity Wine lables; How to Put a Wine Cellar Together - and to make money out of it; Harvest Reports and many more.

It was a great magazine to work with. 


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